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Helpful Sublime Text Shortcuts

Sublime Text is one of the more popular text editors, and for good reason: it’s lightweight, fast, and extensible. Sublime has some very helpful shortcuts that make programming more efficient, below are some of the shortcuts I frequently use.


CTR + F Search for a particular value in the current window. You can also search within a highlighted region and can use regular expressions to find specific patterns.

Find and Replace

CTRL + SHIFT + F Find and replace a particular value throughout selected files. The same search options for file search are available for search and replace.

Open Command Palette

CTRL + SHIFT + P Open the command palette, the menu used to install packages, set syntax, set bookmarks, and toggle options. This can be a faster way of setting the syntax of the current window than the file menu or the in the syntax selector at the bottom right of the Sublime screen.

Toggle Spell Checking

F6 You can toggle spell checking on and off. When spell checking is on misspelled words (those not in the Sublime dictionary) are underlined in red. You can add words to the Sublime dictionary by adding them to user preferences: "added_words": [ "webinar" ]

Order Selection Alphabetically

F9 Alphabetically order a list of values, when each value is on its own line, by highlighting all values in the list and pressing F9.

Toggle Bookmark

CTRL + F2 Toggle bookmarks on the current line the cursor is on. Skip to the next bookmark with F2 or skip to the previous bookmark with SHIFT + F2. Setting bookmarks is especially helpful in lengthy files when you have to go back and forth between sections.

Split Layout

ALT + SHIFT + 2 Split the layout into two columns. You can also change the layout to one column with ALT + SHIFT + 1, three columns with ALT + SHIFT + 3, or four columns with ALT + SHIFT + 4. If you would prefer to display the layout in rows instead press ALT + SHIFT + 8.

Expand Selection

CTRL + L Select the entire line the cursor is on.

CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE Expand selection to scope. This is particularly helpful when editing HMTL and you would like to select all of the characters within a pair of quotes.